June 1 will be the book release

Halcyon Ru has decided to make June 1 the official release date for its self published book project “Every Man Need Three Women”. HALRU partnered with authors, Delbert Harris and Larry Davis, who are also board members of HALRU, to make the book a mid year release. All parties expect the book to add to the company’s net worth as well as allow them to employ some outsourced labor.

Because the book is only being offered in hard-copies, all promotional efforts will be targeted regionally, boots on the ground. Social site marketing and promotions are expected to bring in some sales, but the company does not expect much profit from the net until the book is being offered in digital and audio.

HALRU plans are to partner with a larger publishing firm before fully capitalizing on the internet market. The authors are expecting the book to spark discussions and interviews nationally. This could possibly open up larger opportunities.

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