“Of the three, the one will be the model for discipline. She’s the keeper so you will have to tea

RAS displaying his busy bored mind.

ch each other. With that comes hell and high water, good times and challenges, shall I leave or should I stay moments.

Discipline is absolute for any man trying to accomplish something.

As men we have to have an innovative side as well as a discipline side. Some men are courageously innovative. I myself am one of those men so I can speak. With our type, a good one will add balance.

Yet balance is delicate. Too much discipline and it tips into fear and fear paralyzes. Not enough discipline and you become a renegade, unpredictable, unable to be trusted. Finding the one that can tune their discipline to the right note to aid your journey is imperative. This is very very important for a man of great vision.”

Peace and Honesty

Delbert Harris in a past photo shoot

Inner peace is a very important desire for a man who is growing in age and wisdom. I notice how content I can be (me being one of the most ambitious people I know) when I see my wife is comfortable, or my kids are happy. I become stable inside. I guess that is why it is the American Dream.

Often as men we can be hard on our spouses when we do not know what it takes to get that inner peace. We become abusive to the ones who brings us peace, or at least contribute to it. That is why as men we must practice being honest with ours first. Even when you do not like what you have to tell yourself. Your ugly motives and actions, own them yourself first. This will help you learn yourself. Then in return you can teach others how to help you when you need it.

Exert from Chapter 8 “The War of the Numbers”

Photo courtesy of Hm Girls, Houston, Texas


“If neither of these is the case, and you have a happy healthy relationship, you have found a woman confident in who she is. And even if she cannot be these other numbers to you, she has embraced that what she provides makes her queen and she feels good about that. You truly have “The One”.- Every Man Need Three Women, Chapter 8, War of the Numbers

Questions concerning the book

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I shared my title on FB and because it’s still in pre-order I notice many of my friends are stand offish. They don’t know what to expect till it hits best seller (boppers). One brave soul (a friend I went to high school with) ask me, “I’m sure those three women are the wife, mother, and grandmother”. I can respect that. And a great question by the way.

I have refrained from having any discussion about the content of the book till it is officially released. At that point I welcome challenging and agreeing opinions and the discussions they bring. I am most excited about having these discussions at interviews and book signings. I think the book covers a great subject and should be discussed openly because of so much that is done in the dark. Order Every Man Need Three Women now.

June 1 will be the book release

Halcyon Ru has decided to make June 1 the official release date for its self published book project “Every Man Need Three Women”. HALRU partnered with authors, Delbert Harris and Larry Davis, who are also board members of HALRU, to make the book a mid year release. All parties expect the book to add to the company’s net worth as well as allow them to employ some outsourced labor.

Because the book is only being offered in hard-copies, all promotional efforts will be targeted regionally, boots on the ground. Social site marketing and promotions are expected to bring in some sales, but the company does not expect much profit from the net until the book is being offered in digital and audio.

HALRU plans are to partner with a larger publishing firm before fully capitalizing on the internet market. The authors are expecting the book to spark discussions and interviews nationally. This could possibly open up larger opportunities.