About Us

We are Delbert Harris and Larry Davis, the authors of “Every Man Need Three Women”. Every Man Need Three Women is a man and woman social theory discovered by my pal Larry , which I, Delbert, have tested and found to be accurate. We used to joke around coffee tables comparing our experiences with woman til we decided to put it in a book.

Every Man Need Three Women theory discovers the three most important traits a woman possesses that a man will needs. When and why he need them is random. However, issues lye when a man has a woman who is missing one or more of the traits he need at that moment. How does he handle it? Even more important, does he know why he feels this way about his relationship?

Every Man Need Three Women packs some heavy trues but it is meant to be fun read. It is not a novel. It is a self-help theory on relationships that men and women will both enjoy.

The book is independently published by Halcyon Ru Inc. and is licensed by a collective decision between us, the authors, and HALRU. Every Man Need Three Women can only be purchased in hard copies at this time. Our collective plan is to partner with a larger publisher before we service the digit and audio world.

If you are reading this as a book junky, mainly social science like me, we would love your support in a purchase. If you are reading this as a major publisher who are is a book junky. Our doors are always open and our coffee is hot.

Visit our contact page to see how to get in touch with any of us from the project.